We are stuck what are your thoughts?

Mother's with parenting agreements or visitation. Me and my son father are trying to be civil adults and come up with a parenting plan but we are stuck. our son is 16 months and I feel the father should get his son every other weekend, holidays will be shared half my house, half the father house, and during the summer in June my son will be with him 2 Weeks Straight and on July another 2 Weeks Straight.. The father agree to everything but feel my son should be with him every weekend. I feel my son needs structure and a stable schedule epically at this age I Don't think my son will have balance with a every other weekend schedule

Katherine W

Standard visiting schedule is every other weekend for fathers. Maybe add in a mid-week visit on Wednesdays. Having his child every weekend will kill his social life. I suspect he won't want to do this after trying it for a few weeks. If you can't agree, go to mediation or go to court.


Try every weekend for now, and then every other weekend and perhaps a weekday when the child starts full day school. the more you can let him be a Dad, especially now, the better. Keep in mind, you are parents EQUALLY, and your son needs you both. He's really going to need a male role model, and you want the original article, if you can get it. Don't hold back. Kids adjust, if the adults consider it fine. Give him some real quality time with his daddy. He'll probably turnout better, and you'll have more of a life.


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Every weekend, how long would you like to go without seeing our child?

Beverly S

But you aren't the only parent here...


I would think that what you have now is perfect and fair to both sides. Remind your ex that the child will be in school one day and if you dont get him on alternate weekends then it would be unfair since you won't be able spend as much time with him. I applaud you both for being civil and thinking of what's best for the child, it's rare to see that in these times.