If there are kids you are baby sitting and they shoplift are you responsible?

Or just shrug it off, as what can a shop to a 8 year old?? Older kid wasn't there. Don't even know what shop they got the toy from. So guess he got away with it as I wasn't watching him the whole time obviously. No harm done then


If I did not know about it, no. If I knew about it, and said or did nothing about it, yes.


Yes, you are responsible. You are the one in charge. Take the toy away and write all down to let the parents know what happened. No harm done ??? Are you kidding ? Telling a child he can steal from others is in no way a positive thing.

John P

Tricky one. To me "babysitting" is at the child's home, not a shopping expedition.


Yes, turn yourself in.


Tuff 1.