Does parenting come naturally, or is it something that you really need to learn a lot about through reading/experience?



The basics of loving, cuddling, and feeding should come natural for most parents. But the more complicated stuff requires research.


every parent is different so in time you will learn as if it Is your first child you haven't done it before but never compare your parenting to others as almost every parent does it differently


Parenting comes naturally. Good parenting comes through education and experience from other good parents. Most parenting comes from experience from your own parents when you were a child. But if your parents weren't good examples of good parenting, you end up perpetuating their bad parenting.


I always ask other parents, ones who have experiences how to raise an infant. They know more about me and my baby than any book does


Both, for sure. Some things are instinctual and intuitive, but a lot comes from education, experience, and wisdom from other parents you know. Having well-educated parents does overall result in healthier, happier children, though.


i think it depends on the parent since theyre all different