What would you do if your husband/the other parent did this?

Your 16 year old daughter and her father are walking on a tourist street. A few people are carrying paper signs that say “free hugs” and give free hugs to strangers. These people give your daughter a sign and she starts offering free hugs. Your husband gets angry. As soon as your daughter tries to hug someone, your husband yanks her. Your husband doesn’t want your daughter kidnapped. Your husband and your daughter have an argument.

Suzy Q

That doesn't sound like the kind of man I would be married to. My husband is not that irrational (this situation doesn't create a particularly high risk of kidnapping) and if he disapproved of our child participating for another reason, he wouldn't stand by until she is already holding a sign and offering hugs before intervening. He also has this habit of using his words instead of just yanking our kids. So if my husband did do this, I would ask my daughter to stop arguing and help get daddy home, and then call a doctor because there is obviously some neurochemical imbalance or brain damage causing his weird behaviour.


How would she be kidnapped by a stranger in broad daylight on a busy street? Most kidnappings are done by someone the minor already knows, not a random stranger who wants a free hug.


He's right. By the way, your story is full of baloney. Nice imagination there. Any girl that is that dumb needs better supervision!