Why do parents send their sick kids to school?

Some details...im a young teen, currently sick. I have just recalled many times when I was nauseous and still was forced to go to school. I ended up throwing up. I also remember times where I had colds and got sent to school. I was miserable the whole day. My mom is a stay at home parent so I'm not sure y u I have to go to school anyway. It seems like she doesn't care and so do the other parents that do this bs...


Because some children suffer from immediate onset random aches or pains with no other symptoms when they have homework due that they haven't completed, or a test they haven't studied for. I'm not saying you're one of those kids, but as a mother of two, I've got one child who I absolutely would believe if they said they weren't feeling good, and one that I'd be skeptical of. A statement of "I'm nauseous" with no other symptoms or complaints of illness could be any number of things, from gas pain to nerves, and if you have had many times that you've had nausea, it gets harder to believe over time.


This happens in the adult world too- people come to work sick and make the rest of us sick as well. Mostly it's a "can't stay home from work" type of thing but your mother might have assumed you were faking it.


My kids try to pull the sick card all the time. And 9 times out of 10 they feel better soon after arriving in school. That one time in ten I pick them up at school and bring them home. Its not because I don't care about my kids, its just that they think that because they aren't feeling 100% when they wake up that they will feel bad all day when it isn't true and gets proved to them over and over again. But more than that their illness isn't physical most of the time. They are just trying to skip school because they want to avoid a test, or avoid seeing the friend that treated the badly the day before or most often simply because they didn't get enough sleep the night before. What they don't understand is that each day they miss school makes it more difficult to catch up when they do return. It also teaches a necessary lesson for when they are adults and have to wake up to go to work. Adults don't always feel healthy when they wake up either, but if we stay home every time we have the sniffles we stand to lose the money necessary to provide for ourselves and our families or to simply do the things we planned for that day. And a sick kid prevents that from happening. Yes Mom may be a stay at home Mom, but she isn't watching TV and sleeping all day. She is taking care of many other responsibilities she has to do around the house. And if you don't know what she does for you while you are at school, grab a pen and paper and ask her so you can make a very long list to remind you.


You can't keep kids home for a common cold unless its severe. Kids can catch the common cold at least 10 time in a School year.


because they probs think there kid is not actually sick or something along the lines like that.


Because they don't have a babysitter. Because the kids miss a lot if they really older.


I can not tell you how many children (1day old-16 yrs old) i have triaged that come in to the hospital with a cold. In Canada because health care is free a parent can come in because thier kid coughs funny. I can promise i want to send them all home, sick kids is like babies that cry. It’ll happen eventually, why not make an immunity right now?


The most common reason, They need to get the kinder OUT of the HOUSE. Besides, All the other kids are Vaccinated against real diseases.

Dr. D

If the parents have to go to work, and they have no back-up for babysitting, what else can they do?


Children are worthless! put them in school! that is all the matter! trash child knows. You have bad parents


Rule of thumb is that you should stay home for vomiting, diarrhea, or fever. If you have a cold or other mild illness, you get your butt to school (or work).

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its that or hiring a sitter


I think it depends on what type of sickness it is because if It's just a minor cold and not something that can be easily spread then I'd still send you to school anyway. However if It's something contagious such as chest congestion or the stomach bug then no you shouldn't be sent to school because you could end up giving it to someone else. For example I went to school with the stomach bug when I was ten and I got sent home because I had it and after we found out my teachers said " We don't want you at school when you're sick, you can get others sick". As for that day when you had nausea and she sent you to school anyway, did she even bother to take your temperature to see if you had the flu or something because the nurse at our school had taken mine that day that I had the bug when I said that I had a stomach ache.


Because they don't have a babysitter. Because the kids miss a lot if they really older.


Because they dont want you stay home alone while their at work, or they dont want to waste their only free time of the day with you. Parents needs a brake from kids you know


go to the health office.

Suzy Q

Seriously? You expect to be excused from going to school for a simple COLD? I would send you to school too. Because a cold is not serious enough to miss school over, and to teach you that sometimes certain things (school now, job when you grow up) just need to get done even if you don't feel 100%. Because if you have a job and call in sick every time you have a case of the sniffles, you lose that job. Next time your mum is sick, I hope she does what stay at home mums never get to do: stay in bed and let you deal with the fallout. Because I can guarantee you that there have been many many times that she was miserable all day from a cold, but she still made you breakfast, washed your dishes, did your laundry, picked you up from school, cooked your dinner, cleaned the toilet, and did all those other chores you probably don't even notice until they don't get done. Because that's what we do. Just pop a painkiller and get on with it.


Because those parents are zapf dingbats