Would you let your kids watch The Little Mermaid now?

it has outdated gender roles and also a surprising amount of nudity for a Disney movie


Not outdated, you mean "timeless"


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with The Little Mermaid.


It’s not nudity unless there are cracks, nipples, or schlongs. Those gender roles are better than the ones now that vilify all men.


How many times are you going to ask this? It's not outdated and there is NO nudity.


Is this for real?


Sure I would. You say "out-dated gender roles", but those are still roles people are free to choose for themselves. If a man and a woman CHOOSE those roles and that kind of relationship, who are you tell them that they can;t? Who areyou to tell a woman that she can't choose her own life style?


WHAT "nudity"?? It's an animated movie about a mermaid, for god's sake. Mermaids don't wear clothes. In the movie, the mermaid's lower body (from the waist down) resembles the tail of a fish, and she's wearing a bikini-like top over her breasts.


thats why your kids are gonna get bullied

Karen L



Yes. It's a cartoon so it's make believe. Kids understand that, so the gender roles are unimportant. Nudity? What nudity?


Yes I would


I wouldn't even let her watch it back in the 2000s. 1. I don't like the movie myself so why would I let her watch it? 2. I only let her watch a select few of the DP movies

Jonny Cake

They should reboot it as The Body-Positive Merperson


Truth should never be outdated. Male is still male, and female is still female - blood and DNA does not change, only the mentalities of people who wish to cater to the mentally confused. As a princess, Ariel had some authority over male subjects. There are plenty of societies in this world that operate under delusions... North Koreans are forced to view their leaders as gods on the earth, people in Muslim countries are forced to bow down to the preferences of a dead man named Muhammad, who ripped off and plagiarized the religions before it - spinning the Bible around, and adding his own quirks to it - like his hatred of black dogs, and washing rituals, wudu.

Pearl L

i dont have kids but i probably wouldnt


I don't let my kids watch Disney at all.