Do parents ever stop whining about the stupid kids they pooped out?

What's wrong with a nice, clean, dependable robot? BUILD A ROBOT DON'T HAVE KIDS, TRUST ME!


People have kids because their world is incomplete, they think, without them. I did NOT have kids because I know the world just isn't that great a place, regardless and don't want to violate the Golden Rule. Do unto other as you would have them do unto you. I love Mom and Dad but I can NEVER figure out why they had to do this to me. I could have been non-existent or a happy spirit in Heaven, somewhere. .


I never whined about my kids, they have given me the best times of my life and I love being with my grand kids now. Your parents may have something to whine about but I'm proud of all 7 of my kids.


No I'm 19 and every other day my mother texts me to remind me I'm a disappointment


Some parnts do regrt having their kids probably in the minority no doubt but they do exist kids are a big burdn at timÄ—s.