An abortion decision is about to be passed down without Ginsburg's known presence. If it is 5-4 on the con side, libs would want to...?

know for certain, RBG's vote wasn't faked. If 5-4 on favoring liberals, conservatives will demand proof that Ginsburg is alive & fit to serve as justice. Otherwise her vote will be deemed null. The People must obey the decisions of the Supreme Court, yes... of course. But this is NOT the 9 justice court we agreed to by law. . ' QUESTION: What power do 8 of 9 justices have to rearrange OUR court and tell us who may decide our cases? .


abortion illegal next month.

Big One 0909

If Ginsberg is not present, it will be 5-3. MAYBE. I am still thinking John Rovers is going to be the new Swing Voter.


If there are 5 votes to uphold a ban on abortion, it does not matter how many no votes. Like most of our government, the SCOTUS is a majority rules body.

The Big Cat Retired

5-4 or 5-3 the result is the same.