Condom broke but didn't ejaculate?

My and my bf were having sex with protection but we heard a pop, it was weird but didnt feel any different so we continued for a little bit and then I checked bc I thought abt it more. He hadn't *** and the tear was only on the side of the top not the actual top that the sperm falls into, we changed the condom but I have the irrational fear that maybe precum could get me pregnant??


The fear that "precum" might get you pregnant IS an irrational fear. It's nothing more that a male's lubrication fluid that he always secretes from the tip of his penis when he's sexually aroused, in anticipation of intercourse. 97% of the time, it doesn't contain sperm cells. You should worry more that the condom might tear, than you should worry about "precum".


That's not irrational. It's a fact - precum can get you pregnant.


Whether or not he ejaculated, pregnancy IS possible. Likely? Probably not. But everyone who is claiming it's impossible is fooling themselves. This is why they sell PlanB.


If a condom tears you do not hear a pop


It's not very likely but not impossible.


No I garentee that you are not pregnant because 1 he did not finish. 2 by the sounds of it you don't track your ovulation. So unless you did it when ovulating and he finished in you, your not pregnant.

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No , precum can't come out of condom EASILY even if it broke . if you changed condom immediately you have no risk of pregnancy . Did you have sex in your ovulation days or close to them ? if not you don't have take any Plab B