It’s been over 24hours & I want to take the morning after pill, which one is the best to buy & will it still be affective?



If you're on the Pill, why do you want to take EC?

alan P

The levenorgetrol "morning after pill" sold under brands such a Levonelle, Plan B and i-pill is usually effective up to 3 days. The pill sold as Ellaone (ulipristal acetate) in the UK, it might have other names in other countries, is supposed to be effective up to 5 days but in both cases it's better to take it as soon as possible. Having a copper IUD fitted within 5 days of having unprotected sex is also a possibility and it will then protect you continuously after that.


They are essentially the same. They will work after 24 hours but are not as effective as if you had taken it within 24 hours and they are not 100% effective.


If you already ovulated, it will do nothing.


They are effective (though not ever 100% guaranteed) for up to 72 hours after. It doesn't matter which one.