Will the diet pills I was taking (HD Cellucor) affect my pregnancy? I’m 4 weeks?

I found out I was pregnant this morning and I’m 4 weeks and 6 days old, I have been taking diet pills for that Month not everyday! Only 3 times a month.. yes I’m going to stop I just want to know if my pregnancy is at risk for miscarriage or birth defect. I’m really sad. I’m going to make a doctors appointment ASAP.


Haven't seen a doc and yet know you are 4 weeks 6 days I am laughing


Probably your pregnancy will be just fine. The main thing that is in diet pills is caffeine and while you want to restrict that to an extent while pregnant it's not like "OMG, we should prepare this lady to miscarry" type dangerous. You are correct to not take them. Supplements have no regulation and are therefore mostly not studied to see if they are effective or healthful, even for the nonpregnant. They definitely aren't studied on pregnant women.


I'd quit taking them JUST in case ...........................................