Did I have a miscarriage?

My boyfriend and I where having unprotected sex everyday twice a day and he would finish in me every time. I used the restroom one day and noticed very light pink blood on toilet paper . Then 10/11 days later I was bleeding I’m not sure if that was my period or not. I was very very stressed so I don’t know ? Opinions please


Since you are trying to get pregnant, it would probably make sense to keep some track of your cycles so you would know if bleeding is your period. But unless you actually missed a period and had a positive test, it would seem unlikely that your bleeding is a miscarriage.


We don't know either


Did you felt his load shoots inside your hole...and were you hapy?


Take it easy, you should ALWAYS use a condom if you don't want an unexpected pregnancy because you don't know if he will be able to control it. Also, if he does *** inside of you everyday, twice a day then it can be quite likely that you might be pregnant however you can always check to be sure by buying a testing kit at a local pharmacy