I had unprotected sex 6 days before my period and 8 days past ovulation, can I get pregnant?



If you get your period, you are not pregnant. Unless you were being monitored by a doctor, you have no way to know exactly when you ovulated. And if you had, the doctor would've already answered these questions because he/she would've advised when to have sex. You can get a good idea of ovulation if you are manually charting your symptoms, sensation, BBT, etc, but it still isn't exact.


Ovulation can be early or late during any cycle. If you are tracking ovulation using an app - then you are at risk because that is only a guess based on past data. If you are tracking ovulation using a more reliable method, like BBT, then your risk is extremely low. If you are truly 8 days past ovulation, then the egg is dead since it only lives 12 to 24 hours and you won't have another egg until after you have a period.


"before my period" did you have your period after having sex? Then no pregnant. 8 days past ovulation, assuming you can reasonably estimate that date, not likely.


Yeah, i dont know how you can tell when you have exactly ovulated. I would recommend seeing your local gp and or taking the plan B pill. Its expenisve but worth it if youre not looking to become pregnant.


Stranger things have happened.


It's not an impossibility. How do you know when you ovulated? A calculator?