Am i pregnant?

am i pregnant? so i had sex with 2 guys last month. once was december 2(no way its him because he nutted in the condom after he took himself out of me) and the other was around the 20t( i cant remember if he nutted in me) however ive been having sex since then though. i haven t got my period and ive been having uncontrollable cramps. i stopped taking my birth control about 2-3 weeks ago and i had unprotected sex when i did, and the way that we had sex he could have came into me. i haven t took a test to find out because i dont know if i am paranoid or not. what should i do?? i plan to take a test this week and then another in 2 weeks, but what should i do? im scared. one babyfather i dont think would have anything to do with me or my child but the other i know would do what they have to, to make sure that the child is good. but my mom is going to kick me out if i am. she already told me she would. ive been feeling nauseous too.


Nutted??? Seriously??????


Sex without birth control is the single most popular way to become parents.


Unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy. If you haven't been using birth control, that is unprotected sex. If your period is late by say a week, test.