I slept with two different men. Days then a month apart..help with my conception date please?

Okay so September 31 and October 2 I had sex with two different men ...then a month later me and one of the guys had sex again on November 4.... Well November 29th I found out I was pregnant ....my conception calendars lead the the November day and when. I had my first ultrasound I measured at 6 weeks (December 6) ....my due date is July 30th...I have anxiety and keep thinking is there any possible way the October date could be my conception month ? What if where we had sex had dried semen and I sat on it ..what if the towel I wiped his semen off of me was accidentally used again days or weeks later to dry off and I wiped my vagina unknowlingly ...are these legitimate fears or is my anxiety takin over?


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It's 5 weeks from 4 Nov to 6 Dec. Doctors count from the start of your last period which is usually about 2 weeks before actual conception occured. If you were at 6 or 7 weeks (they can't tell exactly) on 6 Dec then you got pregnant from having sex on 4 Nov. 31 Sep and 2 Oct are 5 weeks before that which would put you at about 12 weeks which is very unlikely considering your scan. You can't get pregnant from a stain on a towel.


You probably can’t figure out your conception date because September 31st doesn’t exist.


" are these legitimate fears " = you're a moron.


If you had a period after the first time, you got pregnant after that.


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Indeed it does sound as if sex on 4th Nov was the action which led to your pregnancy, but Mother Nature is never as regular as any "calendar" implies. The only way to tell for sure who is the father is to have a DNA test on the baby after it is born, and on both of the possible fathers. And be thankful that you live now. Only 30 years ago such tests were not available -m and that applied for the whole of human history up to very recent times.


Going by the scan it would be more exact so to speak, that you would be pregnant with the guy you slept with on the 04/11.


You can't get pregnant from dried semen on a towel. When semen is dry, all the sperm cells in it are dead. Do you mean you had sex on Sept. 30 - October 2 with two different men? Sept. 31 doesn't exist. It could have been either guy. It's going to take a DNA test to determine the father, but most likely you got pregnant in November. Did you have a period during the month after you had sex with the guy on Oct. 2? If you did, then you know that you got pregnant on or around Nov. 4.


Exactly how long do you think dried semen (sperm) can live? Days or weeks is certainly NOT how long sperm can live in open air. It is more like 5 to 20 MINUTES and only if moisture and temperature are suitable for that 5 to 20 minutes. Sperm can NOT live outside of a warm body. Sperm CAN live inside YOU for up to five days. Basically, there is no way to be absolutely sure who the father is without a paternity test if you did not have a period after October 2. If you had a period after October 2, then the guy after Oct. 2 is the father.

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