Miscarried 7 weeks ago, review shows tiny gestation sac developing in the uterus, whose age cant be determined yet?

Hi all, I miscarried early December/late November 2018. I got my first period after that on 16th January. I had tested negative the day before. After my 5 day period, I kept spotting for sometime, till I decided I should go have myself checked incase I still had some tissues retained. To my surprise, the pelvic scan revealed a thickened uterus with a very tiny gestation sac not more than 3mm,whose age could not be determined. I have been told to rescan in 4 weeks. I have not take any pregnancy tests cse I do not actually believe am really pregnant sadly. Am afraid to even believe. My gyn believes its an actual pregnancy and gave me folic acid, to see him again in 4 weeks. Anyone been in my position before? What are your thoughts? Can I be pregnant? Am not feeling any symptoms yet.


Did they remove the retained tissue ? If so, that may have been from the previous pregnancy. You don't know yet.I hope you get the baby you want .good luck .


You had a period you aren't pregnant

Pat Wooden

It's really way too soon to know, however the fact that your gyn believes it is a gestation sac is encouraging. Of course you're not having pregnancy symptoms yet--they come later. in fact many women never do have symptoms other than missed periods. I know it's hard, but you're just going to have to wait the four weeks before you can be sure. Good luck!