Visible gestational sac but empty no yolk sac or embryo at 5 weeks? Has anyone else experienced this?

Im 5 weeks pregnant, i was having cramps and some spotting I went to the hospital to rule out anything posible such as miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy ect.. my doctor did an ultrasound found the gestational sac empty, no yolk sac or embryo visible. I’m following back in 14 days to see any changes. My Hcg Level was 1900 when I went in. I’m just wondering if anyone else. Has experienced this before?

Suzy Q

5 weeks is right on the edge of whether or not a pregnancy is visible on ultrasound, so your scan doesn't have to mean anything. And both mild cramping and some minor spotting can occur in a healthy pregnancy at this stage. I second the advice to get a second quantitative blood test 2-3 days after the first. 14 days is a very long time to live not knowing whether it's going to be okay. Your current hCG levels are fine for 5 weeks, but the important information is whether or not they double in roughly 48-72 hours.


5 weeks is still really, really early, and your hCG is within the normal range for being 5 weeks. I know this is frustrating and it's impossible not to worry, but 2 weeks can make all the difference in seeing virtually nothing vs being able to see a viable embryo with a heartbeat. Also, cramping in early pregnancy is normal, and spotting and even light bleeding is not uncommon. What I would suggest is getting another quantitative hCG test in 48-72 hours after the first one you had. If your hCG at least doubles during that period, that is a good sign. Your OB can probably order the test for you, or if you want to pay out of pocket you can go to a place like AnyLabTestNow and get it done yourself. Just makes sure you get a *quantitative* test. A qualitative hCG test will only tell you yes or no, but what you want is the actual number.