Whats the chance of pregnancy?

My girlfriend and i are both 17. She takes a contraceptive pill because of a problem in her ovaries but the pill still works as a contraceptive. I dont know the name of the pill but its a box with many small pills that need to be taken daily. So on saturday night we had sex and i told her i didnt feel anything with the condom on and she said take it off so i did. I did so becausw i knew we are both clean and she is on the pill. Anyway we had sex for a good 45 minutes after i took of the condom and i pulled out around 10 minutes before i ejaculated. Because i didnt wanna finish inside her. After we finished i asked her if she took her pill today and she said she will later and she did but she forgot to take one yesterday. She is sceduled to take it every 8:45 at night and she missed it on friday night. Woke up at 8 and took it and continued her schedule as per normal. Given the fact i didnt finish inside her, after masturbating in the morning i went to the toilet twice and she took her pill.. what are the chances


Missing one pill by a few hours did not make her ovulate.


how old r u 12!!!!!


The chances of pregnancy are virtually nil, but not because you pulled out or peed after you masturbated hours before. Your giirlfriend is taking birth control pills. The pill prevents ovulation from ever happening - thus, pregnancy is impossible; no matter what you do. It's not necessary that she take her pill at exactly 8:45 p.m. every night; so don't worry about that. All she has to do is take one pill at some time of day or night during each 24-hour time period. She didn't take a pill on Friday night, but she took it at 8:00 a.m. the next morning. She was within the 24-hour "window" when she took it.

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If she's on the regular combined pill, that actually doesn't count as a missed pill since she took it (just) less than 12 hours after the usual time. If she is on a progesterone-only 'mini-pill' (which is pretty common when taking the pill for health reasons) the margin of error is much smaller, usually an hour or two. In your position I would be a bit suspicious. The one time she hasn't taken her pill on schedule is the time she encourages you to take off the condom? Are you sure it was an honest mistake?


Low, not zero


Pulling out does nothing- it's not birth control The fact that she's on the pill does, though. It would matter if she had stopped taking it for many days, but not taking it for half a day isn't going to make it dangerous. The pills are hormones, which tell our bodies to do various things, and 11 hours just isn't going to change the level in her system enough to make a difference. As two young people who obviously are not ready to become parents, you should be using two forms of birth control, in case one fails. You also should know there are STDs that aren't always obvious, so unless you have always been exclusive, that condom really is important. You and she can chat with a real reproductive nurse here: https://www.plannedparenthood.org/online-tools/chat And please read all of this: https://www.plannedparenthood.org/learn/teens


Virtually 0.


You pulled out so like a 1% chance. Also if let's say you didn't pull out, she would still have to be in her ovulating window to fall pregnant. Because if she passed it it is almost garnteed a 0%