3 yr old choking & hitting?

My 3 year old Choked her friend at daycare today is that normal , no she doesn’t not watch anything violent I monitor everything she watches and we are not violent at home either so I’m not sure we’re this is coming from also she hit her teacher once before and also hit one of her friend as well all at different times within a yr .


Take her out of daycare. Babysit her. Observe her. Correct her when she does wrong. Teach her what to do. If the bad behavior continues, enroll her in ABA Therapy


Do you spank her? That is usually where children first learn it is okay to hit other people. If not... something is wrong with your logic. Children do NOT, as a rule, do things they have never observed or experienced. The second thing I would be concerned about is the daycare. Apparently they do not supervise the children very closely. If the behavior is escalating, I would get her into therapy. Three is NOT to young to talk to a professional. Good luck.


Your fault You clearly don't smack the child and don't be a parent. You allow him to do what hewants, when he wants, how ever he wants. You need to smack him