What school year is a 13 year old in?



It depends on the country!


Usually s/he would be in 7th or 8th Grade but some kids that age côuld be a grade higher or lower & some home schôôlėd.


America in 7th grade/8th grade. If your asking about UK it’s year 8/year 9


7-8th grade


In the United States? Usually, if they turned 13 before the current school year started (meaning they'll turn 14 this school year or over the summer), they would be in 8th grade, but if they've turned 13 since the start of the year, they'd be in 7th grade.


Probably he or she is in the 8th grade

David 420™

In the UK they are in years 8 and 9, depending on when their birthday is.


7th or 8th grade

Variable 46

In the U.S. children normally turn 13 in the 7th grade, or the summer (maybe even up to September 30) after.


9th grade


Here in England, they would be in Year 9 if they were already 13 before 1 September 2018, but if they just turned 13 sometime since 1 September, they'd be in Year 8. But I can't speak for other countries.

Coach Simon

It depends on the country!

Steven S

Depends on how old they are when they start and if they haven’t missed any grades.


Depends how many grades they have skipped or failed.


In which country?


Depends on the 13 year old and what their district cut off is. Generally speaking 7-8 grade. In the US.


Either Year 8 or year 9


For most that would be 7th or 8th grade. Depends on their progress and mental abilities.