Can a child be taken away from their parents if their sibling is physically abusing them?

A child at the daycare I work at has been showing up with scratch marks, bruises and a black eye. When I questioned him, he told me his older brother who also comes to the daycare was the cause of them. I brought this up to my boss and she said that she would handle it, but I'm concerned for the little boy.


Report this to CPS and soon. You may save this childs life.

Beverly S

Yes they can. Parents are responsible for safety of the child.


You are a mandatory reporter. That means YOU call it in. You don't pass it along. (And your director can't fire you for calling it in.) Yes, a child can be taken away from a family if a sibling is abusing them and the parents don't do anything about it.


Yeah, CPS intervenes regardless of the source of abuse. Sibling on sibling violence is very common.


Please report it. You know something of working in the child care industry. Whether the child is taken away or not is not your decision. Not your proper question really. Your part is to do due diligence professionally, not to adjudicate or issue a judgement in the matter; however, if you are remiss then no judge has a chance to save the child. If you do your part and the child die because the Judge failed then the blood be on him; however, if the child die unreported then the blood be on thee and on thy hands. Let right be done.


Kids say lots of things, and not all are exacting in their detail. Bruises and a black eye are not good, and you can't know if this is the brother or the parents. Don't ask anymore questions. Go to whoever governs childcare and ask how to handle this. You might be able to inquire anonymously, for this info. But, something needs to be done. Hard to say if the director will do anything, whether they say they will, or whether you ask them anything else.