Toddler whines all the time. How can I make him stop?

He's 26-months old and he whines constantly. When whining doesn't work, he cries, and I don't know what to do. I have tried placing him in his bed when he whines, telling him I will not speak to him until he is ready to act like a big boy, and simply ignoring him until he stops, but nothing seems to be working. I need help, please!


He's an unwanted child & he knows it. Punishing him only re-enforces his behavior. You must change before he can.


Have you tried telling him to use his words and explain to him that you can't understand him when he whines. It's very normal and common for toddlers to do this but sometimes reminding them to use their words can help, if it doesn't then you can try using a reward system. For example this doesn't mean spoil him with toys just for good behavior but whenever he goes a certain amount of time without whining try rewarding him with a trip to the park or a trip to your local zoo if you have one close to where you live.


When you consistently put him in another spot (we used a playpen in another room) when he whines, he will learn to not do it. There is no instant fix. It takes time and consistency.


Without being able to speak clearly (due to his age), his communication skills are limited. Whining is one way to communicate, though it's annoying as all heck for adults. Trying to figure out what he wants is key, though indulging his every demand isn't the thing to do.


He's only 2 years old. Try to just comfort him or give him some food/milk or toys. He's supposed to be given attention at this age, once he turns maybe 4-6 you can start showing him that he can't always get what he wants (if it's a toy or something like that)


Forget words. Just comfort him like a baby until he gets stronger emotionally.


A belt to the back side. Its the proven cure all When a child whines and is told not to then they keep at it, a swift smack will always teach them that if they don't do as told then they will get a well desrved smacking. All kids need to be smakced.

Dances with Weed

Rufi him


Go on youtube and make him listen to white noise or brown noise in the background it might help


Take him to the doctor for a complete check-up. If he's okay, start giving him a couple whacks on the backside when he does it.


Have you tried taking her electronic gadgets away yet? .... Limiting time on the internet and NO smartphone either ...Try this and she might straighten up some .