Is it wrong that i tried to video my nephew doing this?

I babysit my 2 year old nephew during the week while his mama was in school. Her other 3 kids come home about an hour before she comes home, so i watch them for a bit too. My nephew came in the room with a popped (plastic) balloon. I was playing with him and put it on his head and tied it in the back (mostly so it couldn’t cover his face, even though i wasn’t gonna let him out of my sight with it on. I’m not a bad aunt). I even said after “there now you gonna have some waves”, since it looked more like he had a durag on to me. His oldest sister looks at him and says “hey girl”, and he proceeds to just keep saying it. I thought his mama would like it, so i pulled out my phone to get a video of him. Well, my fiancé sees what’s happening, and he snatches the balloon away, and says “That’s so wrong. Don’t do that to him. That is gay”... and then tried to argue with me about it. Honestly, i got mad and told him that him acting like that makes him seem homophobic. Was i in the wrong for trying to video my nephew saying “hey girl”? (Obviously they thought it was more like long hair)


Not at all! I don't even understand why your fiancé would react in such a way. And also, so what if your nephew turns out gay! Also, something to consider is that he is just a little kid having fun. My cousin and I used to put makeup and dress up her little brother and he had a lot of fun with it! He also turned out straight so it was all just fun and games. But if he turned out gay, I wouldn't care at all. Love is love. He needs to chill out, girl.