Would anyone of cared about building a border wall if Trump hadn't made it a campaign promise?

Republicans or Democrats. Would the wall of just continued to expand without any real notice or concern?


I would have cared. I've wanted one for over 30 years. But every election in that period of time was between an open-borders pro-amnesty Democrat and an open-borders pro-amnesty Republican. Both sides talked about border security, and everyone knew nobody meant it. MANY people HAVE CARED and WOULD HAVE CARED. History did not begin in the year of your birth.


Trump didn’t invent walls. If we needed a wall across the whole southern border, we’d have built one decades ago back when infrastructure plans actually produced infrastructure. It’s not just a campaign promise anymore, it’s 2,000 mile monument to himself that the “billionaire real estate mogul” wants you to pay for; and I don’t think it’s a good idea, certainly not worth refusing to pay all his employees until he gets it.


There's always some push back when drawing up budgets, but if all he wanted to do was allocate some funds to repairing or replacing existing structures, Dems probably would have been more cooperative. But as anyone with more than an ounce of intelligence has already realized, Trump's wall is not about security or safety, it's about racism and wanting to build himself a monument to himself he can slap his name on. It's also VERY likely he's promised lucrative govt contracts for building the wall to someone (or several someones), and is pushing so hard for it now because they're holding his feet to the fire.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

And do so along sane lines, rather than because there was a slogan? Republicans love slogans, because slogans allow them to pretend they "solved" a problem and that allows them to cede control of their lives to the leader.


No the Dems just love impeding progress! Otherwise they would run their collective brain cells together to give half a ****