When did Pelosi get smarter about border security than the Border Agents and their commanders & border township officials?

Seriously, she calls it "immoral" and is not needed. That's a 100% flip from her position when Obama was POTUS. >>> Who in the world is she getting HER advise from?


LOL Nancy is fighting a losing battle. She is fighting AGAINST our security. Since when do people back the side of less safety???


sorry your attempt at a 'gotcha' didn't work


Trump's shutdown wasn't working


Nancy Pelosi put Party over border security and favored illegal aliens over American citizens. Pretty much says it all about today's Democrats.


the 'government shut-down' ploy is sometime that she's good at, I guess ..................


She is AS smart as them. It is Donald Trump who doesn't agree with the Border Agents, their commanders or the border township officials. Haven't you been paying attention to the real news?