Annoying toddler?

Why does my toddler want everything I eat although she has her own food???


I feed my toddler the same food my husband and I ate. If we did take out or dine out, my child would want to try my food. If you home, feed your toddler the same food you eat.


Idk have you tried asking y/a ?


It's probably instinctual to a degree. The child sees the parent eating something, so the child has trust that it's safe and good to eat. If your kid tends to want whatever you're eating, then just make a little extra and share.


What’s wrong with you? Why do you have enough time to sit on your computer making up stupid, pointless questions, 45 mins ago asking why you have no kids, now asking about your kids. Writing rude answers on other people’s questions? Get a life, pretty pathetic.


She wants to move up in the pecking order