How much is Goddard School?

my son will be turning 1 next month and I want to enroll him when he's a toddler I know its expensive school but how much does ot esitamate for toddler?

MeMe MeMe tikle 🏊

if the school is too expensive it may be worth while to look for local daycare teachers that know the secret to success in these sorts of private schools (hint: it's developing in children from an early age the lifelong desire to learn. what they learn is unimportant so long as they desire to learn more. all gains over peers are wiped away by high school where the will to learn dissipates or was never reinforced in children who attended these kinds of prep schools). in other words, look for teachers that focus on inspiring children to desire to learn. more importantly, re-enforce the desire to learn by having frequent conversations with your children about anything and everything that interests them. when they are old enough for school encourage and reward them for success in line with their natural intelligence. watch what they're good at or have a passion for and give them the resources to excel in those areas. also, build a network of professional contacts among your peers. this is especially important around the time they decide on a college major. the professional networks you develop will help them get jobs or internships and establish careers in the areas they're passionate about. furthermore, what you save by sending your kids to more affordable schools can be reinvested in the children's college fund (however, internships whether paid or unpaid seem to be the route to jobs in the modern era. it's best not to make college too easy by not requiring some kind of working commitment (or sports team etc) in addition to academics. but this is, again, dependent on the child's natural abilities and determination to succeed in the absence of any natural abilities).


Have you tried looking to see if the Goddard School has a website. Usually a website will list tuition costs.