Can I get in trouble for spanking my 2 year old son and he has red marks on his bottom I don t wanna mass up I am a good mom it scares me?



Nope All kids need ot be smacked. its good for them. It teaches them displine and to listen to you


Trouble ? I've heard of trouble done for people like you. Like after a child was recently found dead from diaper rash. I once applied to work at a place that only 8 years previously put people like my reader into head-high hand shackles. Upon a wood post so you couldn't dodge any whippings. The "Cat" was braided leather and 9 feet long. It ripped front and back with one swing. No more than 25 swings in one 30 day period. All punishment ended with a bucket toss of salty water front and back. Could be worse. Like, the Cook County Telephone, for elicited crime confessions.


If you've had to resort to hitting your child then you've already messed up. Do some reading on childhood development of toddlers and how to deal with tantrums and other age-appropriate behavior. There is no need to strike your child to teach them how to behave.

John P

Depends ion the law here you live. In the USA, where you live, it might depend on the individual state law.


you could in New Zealand, no parent is allowed to spank their child


If they go away within a few minutes, I wouldn't worry too much. But if they're still there in, say, an hour or so then you've done it too hard. Without knowing your situation, leaving some red marks isn't necessarily a bad thing. But do think carefully if maybe you lost control of yourself a bit. In many states, spanking is allowed as long as you don't leave marks. The fact that there are red marks now does have me a bit concerned. But if they go away quickly, it should be okay.