6 year old daughter chews fingers and thumbs?

Hi my daughter is 6 years old and still chews her index fingers and thumbs to settle down to go to sleep she use to have a dummy until she was 2/3 years old, is it something I should be worried about with her teeth or will she grow out of it on her own?

Suzy Q

I'm surprised your dentist hasn't yet asked you whether she still sucks her thumb, and pointed out the effects. When was her last appointment? Next time you take her, ask about this. This can affect not only her baby teeth, but her adult set of teeth.


Maybe help her find ways to calm down. Sing a song too her, read her a story, etc. Then, maybe she will learn to sing to herself, or simply read when she needs to calm down.


my daughter is 25 and sucks her thumb in her sleep


i do that too i’m 16


It's a self soothing behavior.Did she used to suck her thumbs ? Look at the stresses in her life.I am unsure what a Dummy is . a therapist may help.