Is adult yoga really dangerous for children?

Ok so I'm not sure if this is true or not but I've heard online that adult yoga is actually very dangerous for children. So is this true or does it depend on what type of yoga it is?


No. That's silly. Obviously, you want to make sure that they stay within their skill set and not try to do things like headstands without a spotter, but with a modicum of common sense your kids can do most yoga asanas.

Jimmy C

It depends entirely on what moves and positions are being used. It is dangerous for adults too if the stretches are too hard. People can pull muscles if they are not fit enough. Children should not do many of the parts that adults do.


Why would yoga be dangerous for children?


Hot yoga isn't good for anybody. Let adults do yoga and kids play.


Western Yoga was popularized by Alister Crawly who took traditional Eastern Yoga and mixed in devil worshiping practices. Please don't teach your kids yoga.