My 14 month old son vomited what appears to be red/pink in color. Should I be concerned?

My son woke later than normal this morning. For breakfast he had mini muffins, a banana, and milk. My noon he was ready for a nap so I laid him down. He slept for three hours which is a bit abnormal but not alarming. While he was napping I heard him coughing a bit. (He's recovering from a cold.) When I went in to wake him up I noticed he had vomited in his sleep. What concerned me was that the liquid appeared to be pink or reddish in color. Since he's been up he's had 7 oz of milk and some graham crackers. He has not vomited again but has been coughing on and off. Is this alarming enough that I take him in to Emergency or just monitor to see if it happens again. He has had a bowel movement since getting up and that was normal. The picture is of his mattress cover when I took his sheet off his bed.


And when you called his doctor, the doctor's advice was...?

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Definitely take him to a clinic just to make sure hes okay.


Call his pediatrician for advice. You should at least be able to talk to an advice nurse.


Too graphic. I’m grossed out right now. Also did you call his doctor??????????????????????