My daughter's stepmom is abusive to her, any legal advice?

NOTE: Before you scold me for not reporting her, I have already called the police. I had recently divorced my second husband, but not before giving birth to a baby girl. I have custody of her, but she visits him about twice a week. A few weeks ago, she visited him and came back, seemingly very angry. She was saying very crude words, and yelling to her dad's new wife that she hates her and wants her to die. She seemed perfectly well-behaved at our house, but when I tell her that she's visiting her father, she throws these horrible tantrums and tries to resist getting into her damn car seat. But 3 days ago was the worst. She came home with a bruise on her forehead, and she was crying a LOT. She woke up screaming in her bed, so me and my new boyfriend had to go to her room to get her to sleep. Yesterday had her come home with another bruise, but this time on her arm. She was screaming at the top of her lungs at her stepmom, telling her that she wants her to die and is swearing a lot (God only knows where she's getting this kind of language from). Now, she's beginning to throw tantrums at home as well, for very minor reasons (before me and my ex got divorced, she was very well behaved and hardly ever threw tantrums), such as not getting dessert before dinner. When I turned off the TV because her time limit was up (she gets 1 hour of Nick Jr everyday), she screamed "F*** you, mommy!" and started trying to beat me up. I am at my wit's end! Any advice in court?


If this is a true story, unless your child is saying that her father's wife is inflicting these bruises on her, you don't have any evidence of abuse. Children in these situations are often very angry and upset, and understandably so. She has lost the family she had, and she has had a new step mother thrown into her life on one side, and her mother has taken up with and moved a new man into her house. Rage, tantrums and swearing are pretty normal reactions. Family counseling - with you and your boyfriend and your daughter at the very least if not with the father and his new wife will be very helpful. Side note: Hopefully you are never leaving your boyfriend alone with your daughter - the very most potentially dangerous person in any child's life is the mother's boyfriend.

Mamawidsom: More than just legal

More than just legal: 1. Call your attorney or legal aid office. Show them the police report. Get legal help form them. 2. Take your daughter to the doctor and tell them everything that is going on. They can call social services too, plus they may be able to determine if there is something medical issue causing this. 3. Get into regular therapy sessions. Divorce is really hard on kids. You and your daughter show be in counseling. 4. Talk to her father for crying out loud. Tell him what is happening and try to get an understanding of what is happening under his roof.


Don't get caught taking out that horrible woman. I bet she has molested your daughter who is having a psychotic breakdown as a result. I would rule it justifiable but unfortunately I'm not your judge. See a psychiatrist to document what the stepmother did to your daughter genitally.

John P

Make sure that any legal advice come from a local professional law person. Answers here might come from people who are unqualified, and who live in different legal systems.

Jackie M

Unless you have proof the step mum is hitting her there is nothing you can do and it is very common for kids from divorced parents to act like this because they are playing you against each other. I would speak to ex husband about it and even stretch the truth a little by telling him your daughter said the step mum is hitting her, I doubt the police will be able to help, Good Luck

Amin Abazarsa

Don't allow her to be around her


I want to be like this?