My toddler son bit my grandma, but.....?

My grandma loves getting attention any way she can, so she came in the room bothering my son while he was watching t.v. he kept indicating for her to stop but she kept wrestling with him finally I heard her shout out. He bit her on her thigh. She finally stopped playing with him. Anyways this morning she showed me how he left a wound and was acting like a little child that just got hurt. I told her that he was sorry and that he still loved her. I dont think he meant to intentionally he is non verbal so that was his way of telling her he was irritated (He's autistic) I think as vengeance she pinched or dug her nail into my sons chest. At first I thought it was a scratch but you can tell it was like someone pressed their nail into his skin. I'm really upset she would do something like that to him I get that he bit her but my little cousin bit her as a child and she just laughs it off. Now shes doing things to my child because shes clearly upset about him doing it to her am I being unreasonable ? I dont even want to ask her about it shes a very volatile person so that's why I'm trying to get opinions


sound like your kid needs a good spanking


So your spoiled brat BIT his grand and you think its grands fault and not yours for haveing a spoiled brat of a child and letting him bit people and not smacking him in the mouth like a good parent


That's quite the dilemma


Ok so I have a bit of experience when it comes to this situation. I used to babysit two kids who had autism, when they would get frustrated they would just run away. Your child is just expressing his emotions differently and that’s ok. He most likely felt overwhelmed by your moms actions and let her know that by biting. If you think she intentionally hurt him, you need to ask because you are not overreacting.


That’s insane! What kind of family member acts like that toward a child?! Autistic or not, kids are kids and they do some ridiculous things that aren’t always nice. Absolutely zero reason to retaliate at a child like that. I would just put some distance between the two of them. That kind of behavior will just upset him and make things worse.


The boy got through to her in the only way he knew how. Your grandma is an idiot and should have left him alone. It sounds like she is the mentally deficient one, not your autistic son.