Can Donald Trump get anymore immature?! He's a traitor?



I think (mostly) congress and the president are acting like spoiled little children who need to be punished by their parents for not getting along and working together. BTW Why did Pelosi try to get away to AFGHANISTAN during this government shutdown??

Joe in texas

Can you believe that childish Nancy Pelosi told the President not to give the State of the Union speech because of concerns that the capital police and secret service couldn't keep him safe! She did that without contacting either agency. So childish. She's a traitor


Seems impossible, but most likely will


Sure he could act like Pelosi; Waters or Ocasio-Cortez.


I hope so. I can't wait until he grabs Pelosi by the face shoves her nose up against his a s s then greases her face with a big wet fart. Then, sticks a wet finger in her ear.


CNN watcher


He did what she did, no different. Yes, they are both acting like spoiled children.


very childish