To much to time for toddler?

I feel like my 4 year old sister watches too much TV. My mom who is a great mom is going through things right now and often turns the TV on when she needs to distract her. My little sister is VERY smart. She learned to read very early. She can read ANYTHING! She can read this question if she wanted without any problem. She's so smart but she didn't really go to day care and isn't around other kids and when she is she'd rather be alone. She talks animated and quotes alot of the TV shows. Her cousin (who is the same age) and her don't really get along. Idky exactly. Also when we go to the park, I tell her to say hi to someone. She usually approaches them exactly like the characters in cartoons would (if that makes since). Since my sister is so smart she's going to 1st grade next year. She's hasn't really been in daycare. Or kindergarten. And I'm just scared of her being without us since she's always with us. Idk if she'd be okay with all those other kids alone. (Maybe I'm wrong). Any advice to help her make friends easier?


Smart children actually gain from watching TV. Anyway, take her to the playground as much as you can.


Let your mother be the parent. If you don't want your sister to watch TV as often, then help your mom out by turning off the the TV and playing with your sister.


It seems like your sister may be autistic, she is going to find it hard to make friends

Beverly S

Not sure what your heading means.. To much to time for toddler??


Don't fall into the trap that tv is a good educational tool.Toddlers do not need electronics of any kind. Give them toys that inspire their imagination, books, costumes, and activities to do, and lots of outdoor time, but the electronics and tv have no place in a toddler's life.


Maybe your sister should go to daycare for part of the day at least 3 days per week. That would prepare her for school, and get her involved in other things. Mom could also sort things out easier.


The recommendation is 2 hours a day of screen time, be it a TV, laptop, pad or phone. It would be better to give your sister a book.