Would you rather live in North Korea or Venezuela?

You HAVE 2 Choose!


At least in Venezuela I can leave.


Venezuela - It's closer home.


probably venezuela since i already know spanish


Venezuela, liquor, cocaine, and under age prostitutes won't get you executed there.

I was wrong once

No, I don't have to choose. See?


probably venezuela since i already know spanish


I'd think Venezuela is at least a little easier to escape from, so I'll go with that.


venezuela has more freedom than north korea. i know both countries are messed up but i would choose venezuela


North Korea is one of the most evil places on the earth so I would live dead in the middle of a war zone in the Middle East before living in North Korea... asking someone if they rather live in North Korea vs literally anywhere else on the planet is like saying would you rather be somewhat free in whatever form it takes or do you want to grow up thinking even your thoughts are being monitored and if you don't fall into line perfectly you and two generations of your descendants will be enslaved in death camps... like you were already enslaved enough already so much so you think the walls are watching you so u may never even breathe a whisper of resistance your entire life..... pretty sure this is a fake ******* question but I thought I'd give you a real answer


*to - are you like 10 years old?


Neither. Would you rather live in Chicago or next door to a liberal?




Just not North Korea.


I would rather you went back to your mother-Russia to live.