Any women who are short adivce on sex postions because I'm 4ft 9 and my husband is 7ft tall and guys too any advice or tips would help?



Any position lying down. Any position with you on top. Experiment with chairs or beds. Not many trolls can do it standing up.


I am 6' 3" and I dated a girl who was 4'11". The best place for you is on top. That way you can control everything. Don't worry about him, he will have a good time no matter what. Any on top works, on a bed, on a chair, couch etc...


hey, you're a troll

pit bulls bite

all are possible......69 may be a problem


Anything at a right angle basically! (You lay on bed, him standing up at edge of bed) Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl facesitting+handjob


How big is his di*k?