Trying to conceive..?

Hello, so I have irregular periods and I’ve been trying to conceive for 6 months and nothing happens. I started a supplement called Vitex 2 weeks ago ( it’s supposed to regulate my period and help me ovulate). Anyways yesterday I went to the bathroom and when I wiped there was a really light pink discharge. Could this mean I’m pregnant or could this mean I’m ovulating? Or nothing at all?


Instead of vitex, take Dong Quai. Didn’t have my period for 7 months then took them as directed and two weeks later, bam I got my period. It helps blood circulation to pelvis and help the natural processes and things even out. Your lining may be too thin.


Yes, the spotting could mean you're pregnant (if it's around 10 days after ovulation). It could also mean that you're ovulating (especially if it's accompanied by stretchy cervical mucus). It could also mean that the Vitex is starting to have an effect on your hormones. If it makes you feel better, I've heard TONS of glowing reviews on Vitex. I've never used it myself, but seriously considered it, and the information I found while doing research was incredibly promising. Also, know that six months without conceiving is NOT to be considered a cause for concern. Unless you're 35 or older, most doctors won't even consider running fertility tests after six months; they prefer that you wait until it's been a year without conception. It can take a perfectly healthy couple up to 12 months to conceive, as there's only about a 20-25% chance every month.


Vitamins by themselves won't regulate your period. First you need to figure out the cause of your irregular periods, then once you know it's *possible* that some lifestyle changes may help bring your hormone levels back into balance and improve your chances of conceiving. But even then it might not be enough, and medication or other medical intervention may be necessary to help you achieve successful pregnancy.


Vitex is not a fertility aid. If you have irregular cycles causing infertility, you need to see a doctor.


Six months is not that long for anyone to try and it hasn't happened. Just don't worry too much. It will happen.