Are pregnancy results reliable?

I took plan b two and half weeks ago. 3 to 4 days before ovulation. I took it within 9 hours of an accident. I took 3 test. One test 9 dpo, 13 dpo, and 14 dpo. I started bleeding 10 dpo and I have been light bleeding for about 5 days with no cramps. I want to make sure it made my period came early and that period was either irregular period or it was the opposite which is implantation bleeding. My original period date was the 1st. The 14dpo ovulation test was a day before my period. For all three test I used first Response 6 day sooner test. All test were negative. How reliable are my results?

Ronald Cunningham

Yes. They are 99.9% accurate

Jackie M

Doesn't matter when you took the test, plan b caused a bleed and not a period but you ae not pregnant, for future info you wont get an accurate result before 14dpo as it takes that time for egg to get to the womb and implant there and hcg levels wont be high enough for positive result until after then. Implantation bleeding is rare but those that get it will be once or twice when they wipe and so light you cant really see it.


It's not implantation bleeding. That's a spot so small and light you'd miss it unless you obsessively examine toilet paper.