Should I be worried that I’m pregnant?

My period is VERY regular and is supposed to come in 8 days. My boyfriend and I have not been safe. We had sex 5 days before ovulation (didn’t pull out), 2 days before ovulation (used pull out method) and 2 days after ovulation (didn’t pull out). Should I be worried that I’m pregnant? We’re both a little worried and I’ve made sure that I haven’t been drinking just in case I am. I am not on birth control because I have factor five and have limited birth control options.

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OK, I feel compelled to ask: why do you use pulling out only sometimes? If you feel it works (it's better than nothing but one in four women get pregnant if they use it for a year), then why not use it all the time? This way, you're just playing Russian roulette. You're "limited birth control options" are not limited to pulling out. There are a lot of things you can use that are NOT hormonal and won't affect your blood clotting. These include; Condoms Spermicide Condoms with spermicide A non-hormonal IUD A diaphragm You need to have a full and complete conversation with him about what he expects will happen if you get pregnant. Is he counting on your having an abortion? Is that okay with you? Do you both have the money for it? If he thinks it's okay for you to get pregnant, is he willing to marry you? Does he make enough to support a child? (Children cost about $100 extra a week.) Do you have maternity insurance? How will your health impact a pregnancy? Really, just get on birth control. Factor five isn't going to prevent a pregnancy. You DO have birth control options. And frankly, a guy who won't use condoms is telling you that his five minutes of pleasure are more important to him that the next eighteen years of your life.

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you didnt seem worried during sex

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Any act of sex indulged in without precautions can potentially lead to pregnancy. You might think you are regular in your periods, but Mother Nature occasionally springs surprises. Learn the lesson, never ever have sex without precautions. Take a pregnancy test at least 2 weeks after you last had sex to see if you failed to "get away with it" that time.


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Odds are very high. You had unprotected sex repeatedly when you knew you were fertile. That's what causes pregnancy. When you miss your period, see a doctor for a blood test and to discuss your options as far as pregnancy vs termination, and also have the doctor explain to you that there are tons of other methods of birth control you could have been using to prevent this.


Go get a pregnancy test, and then discuss the situation with your physician. You are at risk for birth complications as well, so you really need to find a way to manage this. Otherwise, you're just playing baby roulette. It appears there may be some progestin-only pills that you may be able to take safely. There's also abstinence. You're writing about having sex with a BF, and that's not a good life plan for anyone.