Can a woman with a heart problem (that is genetic and passed onto children) use donor eggs with her husband's sperm to give birth to a?

Healthy baby without this (heart disease)

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Then it's not her kids

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Of course.


She could, though there's no guarantee the baby wouldn't develop some kind of other congenital heart problem just by pure chance. Also, pregnancy is risky for women with heart conditions. A woman with pre-existing congenital or acquired heart issues is at significantly more risk of heart failure, heart attack, or stroke during pregnancy as well as the first 6 months postpartum. She should be screened by both her cardiologist AND a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist before attempting to become pregnant to find out if it's even safe, and then she would need to be carefully monitored.


This would be something to discuss with her doctor. A serious heart condition might make pregnancy itself risky for her.


Yes, she could.