I stopped taking my pills to get pregnant last Tuesday.. I haven’t had a period? But me & my partner have been TTC since then. I’m confused?


blank: from the googles

from the googles: "For most women, ovulation will start within weeks, though it can take one to three months." Keep at it. Eventually you will get pregnant. Until then, enjoy the "practicing" of trying to get pregnant.


Once you stop taking the pill it's going to take your body a while to get back in the flow having a normal period where an egg is released. It's not going to happen immediately, I stopped taking the pill last February myself and I told my husband, then fiancé, and we didn't start TTC until Christmas time. We waited till my body was physically ready and on a regular cycle for almost a year. I recommend waiting for a while until your body is ready and you have a regular cycle for a few months before TTC. Well wishes to you though. :)


Your body is probably still getting used to having a regular cycle, I doubt you are pregnant

Beverly S

Did you take the full months worth before stopping... you are supposed to so you don't mess up your cycle. Plan on it taking a few months..


Are you really that dumb? You hormones have to reset and ovulation resume before you can get pregnant

Jackie M

Depends when you ovulate but a few days wont show anything and when you do conceive it takes the egg around 2 weeks to get to the womb, it took me 3 years of ttc when I stopped the pill


It can take up to a year. 3 or 4 days is nothing.

Diane A

Last Tues? a few days ago? It can take a few months for the hormones to normalize

John P

What is "TTC"? And "stopped pill last Tuesday"?! Did you really expect results immediately?!