Ovulation Help? Question for the ladies it a long description but much appreciated ❤️?

Okay I’m very confused on December 24th I went for an IUD at planned parenthood, due to the fact I had unprotected sex prior to that visit(rather recent to it) they had me take a cautionary plan B pill without inserting the IUD, about 3 days later I started bleeding which I presumed to be an early period. Up until yesterday (so January 15th) my bleeding slowed down to pretty much a complete stop. (Long period right? Mhm I thought so too) so doing a little research I understand plan be can prolong periods and even make them happen quicker. What I’m confused about is yesterday my significant other and I ended up having more unprotected in the heat of the moment, I realized that my cervical mucus was stretchy as if I were ovulating, but after intercourse my bleeding continued again. Am I ovulating during my bleeding due to the change of hormones? Should I be keeping an eye out for symptoms? I was pregnant once when I was 19 but my boyfriend at the time was very abusive so I lost the baby, I understand I’d be more fertile now, so should I be looking for 2 lines ? Mind you ladies I never was able to get the IUD put in!

Beverly S

bleeding from Dec. 27 to Jan 15th? I think you should call your doctor..


Let's just state this plainly and clearly, since a full explanation didn't seem to compute: See. Your. Doctor.


UPDATE: This morning when I woke up and used the bathroom I noticed very slight pink blood and I haven’t bled anymore since. I ask very respectfully no rude comments as I’m a grown women just looking for other opinions. Thank you lovely ladies!