Tips on conceiving?

Been trying for a while now and nothing happens. Any tips?


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i could watch and see if you are doing everything correctly and maybe step in...........


First, try to be patient and positive. It isn't uncommon or cause for concern if you don't get pregnant in a year. You did not mention if you have irregular menstrual periods, but if so, it is harder to predict when you will ovulate. If you are able to track, try ensure that you are having a lot of unprotected sex around the time that you are ovulating! Make sure that your male partners ejaculate inside of you during sexual encounters. A diet with lots of leafy green vegetables will help them to produce healthy semen. Try to enjoy the intimacy and don't look at it as a process. Good luck!


Try it with a partner.

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Try to stop thinking about conceiving and just enjoy the sex. A woman's chances of conceiving increase when she climaxes. Also, just be patient. Conceiving isn't as easy as people think. However, if you haven't been able to conceive in about a two-year period, it might be time to make an appointment with a fertility specialist.


How long is a while first off? Second, have you been tracking your cycle for at least a year? If not, start doing so because the best time to try, from my mom who is a nurse, is 2 weeks before you get your period.


have sex. just guessing