Graduate from university love farming?

I am a graduate from the university do you thing its worth it to stay in the rural area,actually I love farming and have live stock.


I will say that it is almost always worth it to do what you truly enjoy. There will be costs (not just in money terms), but unless the costs are extraordinary, the enjoyment will offset them. There is nothing that is "free". Every decision has benefits and consequences. The question is one of where do those things land on the scale of balance for you, personally? There is risk and there is a potential reward. Is the risk low enough or the reward high enough to make the effort worth doing? I cannot say for you. You have to decide.


It is expensive to set up a farm. If you already own a farm property then I would say yes. But if you need to purchase a property then I think you would be better off working for some agri business. You say you have some animals, but you did not say if they were on your land or someone else's. Either way you can agist the animals.


yes, it is actually good and if you do it right, you will be able to start your own business and earn a fortune. Go for it.


yes. where you live has quite an effect on your mental health I live 34 miles from work. it's a long commute i make 2 times a day I drive a school bus and come home during the day to do my farm chores. But to live out here where it's quiet and peaceful makes up for the long drives