Why do Republicans believe in welfare for people earning up to $900,000 a year, that's what the farm bill does?

And now allows subsidies for distant relatives of farmers who don't even farm. What a joke. You just need to be related to a farmer.


Why do you tell me what I believe then criticize me for it? BTW why didnt you post the names of the Democrats that voted for it?

Jingoist Jones

I don't agree with that. Why do you ASSUME what I believe?


I'm not sure I completely agree with either provision, but do want to add a couple of clarifying notes here: The $900,000 limit refers to Adjusted Gross Income (AGI), which is not what the farmer keeps for his/her family to live on. It's different than Net Income (profit). On even a modest farm, a lot of money will flow through the enterprise, between revenues and expenses. That doesn't mean the farmer puts all of it in their pocket. The relatives provision (again, not defending it, but trying to explain), still requires the individuals to be "materially involved in management decisions and operations of the farm".


Not all Republicans believe that. Besides, I do not know any farmers who earn that much. Most are struggling to pay their bills.


time to end rice subsidies


It's subsidy for farmers. Then, it's a bonus if you are part Native American. I saw this huge white guy declaring he's Native American therefore, he is now getting greater subsidies from Donald Trump.