Is 14 hectares(34.5 acres) of land for a farm considered an average sized farm, a small sized farm or a large farm?

What size categoration would you give this size of land for a farm?


small to medium.

Truth is within you

It's a lot of vegetables but not much for a wheat farm.


Definelty small. I live in west Texas and I rarely see anyone with a farm as small as this one. It depends on the location but I would say this is less than average by a long shot.


a small sized farm It is colloquially known as a hobby farm. In which it is not the main (or the sole) income source of the owner. In many places, the average size of paddocks is larger than that. I'm thinking Texas. But in assured high rainfall areas, the size of a "viable" stand alone farm is smaller than it is in drier areas.


Totally depends on the type of farm and the location.


Small. The average in NY state, for example, is about 100 acres. Western ranches would dwarf this.


Depends on where your located. In the East part of the United States I would say Average Size. In Western Australia I would say SMALL. In Western Australia Farms or Stations as they are called, are measured in Square Miles. One place called the VRD is larger than Rhode Island.


today, where most farms are very large, it's small