What is the sheep role on the farm? i do not think that google is very helpful. so what does the sheep role on the farm?



Sheep produce wool and milk. They can also be slaughtered and used for meats and skins. They eat grass so they're relatively easy to supply for food wise. Most of the income from sheep come from their wool.


To produce wool and meat. Peace.


There are different types of sheep with some that make good fine wool making high quality clothes and others who have poor wool but excellent meat. Like all farmed animals they are there to make their owner money. Wool sheep are good for wool but can also be sold for their meat so have a double purpose. As they graze their droppings can help fertilise the soil so as they take grass from the soil they are giving some fertiliser back.


they have wool that can be sold to mills for clothing. they also graze and keep down the grasses.


Sheep eat grass. They produce lambs. They are sheared once a year for their wool. At the end of their productive life they are killed for meat.