Why is this community so toxic?



You ask one question and get butthurt about the answers you get? Good luck dealing with life, Snowflake.

Pete L

Yahoo Answers is just a forum where the general public can answer questions. It is NOT Yahoo's offices. This is not a paid-for support forum staffed by professional computer whiz kids. None of us are paid anything to answer you, we do not work for Yahoo. Some think making farcical comments is amusing.


Are you specifically referring to the Agriculture section? Or did some troll just move your question there? There isn't a lot of moderation anymore on this website, so a lot of bad behavior goes moderated, but it's technically a forum so people can say what they want. Really Yahoo Answers is only useful for asking about specific situations anymore. The only time I ask a question here is if I can't find anything after extensively searching on Google. Even then I rarely get useful answers, but they at least help me find what I need to be Googling to find what I'm looking for.


Some posters here ask toxic questions, and thus get toxic answers.


Because you are a whining snowflake