Why not Tulsi Gabbard for president!?

She is a combat veteran, an active politician with a successful record with current ideas to help EVERYONE! Haven't heard a good democrat in a long time. Been a registered Republican for 30 years and I will be voting for her in 2020! when you listen to her she never trashes anyone what a relief!


She is actually my dark horse pick to win the democratic nomination. I honestly think that if she is the democratic nomine in 2020, she beats Trump and is the next president If the dems run biden, sanders, warren, O'rourke, or harris Trump will easily win a 2nd term Tulsi Gabbard, In my opinion, is the key to beating Trump in 2020


Whenever they say someone is running for President, I always look to their name(s) to see if they're presidential material. President 'Tulsi' 'Gabbard' ...? I don't think so. Doesn't even sound like a president.


That would be a first. First Woman president. First president from American Samoa First president of the Hindu faith And she does appear to be blessed with uncommon reasoning power.